Ditching Your Comfort Zone Once And For All.

Stepping out of your comfort zone and dealing with change and discomfort takes admirable courage and a lot easier said then done for most, including myself. I remember my mother telling that one of her favorite quotes or sayings went something along the lines of, ‘life begins when you step out of you comfort zone’. She had told me this after she survived cancer, filed of divorce, and was still struggling through an ugly custody case, all while continuing to raise and care for my three younger brothers and myself. I imagine those are not easy and simple to take on all at once, certainly far from comfortable. However, she gracefully and fearlessly faced everything life throw at her in those daunting four plus years. She got through those incredibly difficult struggles because she had the strength and courage to step out of her comfort zone. To fight back and stand her ground- even when she was unsure and uncomfortable, not hide and remain competent or even worse give up.

I have found that staying in you comfort zone is much easier sometimes, you become so comfortable and set in your ways, that just the thought of changing your routine or habits may seem close to impossible or just down right terrifying. But in my twenty years, I have come to recognize how important it is to leave your comfort zone because life truly doesn’t really begin till you do so. In the past five years I have done things I never would have seen myself doing before, as a freshman in high school. Looking back I made a lot of mistakes, but the positives out weigh the negatives by far. I have accomplished far more then I previously believed I could and by doing things that weren’t exactly in my comfort zone for example going to boarding school junior and senior year.

In order to grow and learn the tough lessons you have to learn by making your own mistakes there will be plenty of uncomfortable moments. By staying in your comfort zone, avoiding or fearing any discomfort and change, you may be unknowingly allowing amazing, life-changing experiences and opportunities to just past you by. Staying in your comfort zone creates mental boundaries and limits and prevents you from growing.

Recently I feel like I’ve been spending far too much time in my comfort zone and I really need to get the hell out of there. Just the thought of changing certain things in my life at the moment scares me half to death. I feel like it is time to do the things I have wanted to do but refrained from doing, due to the discomfort I’d feel.  Things like finally saying the things I have been to afraid to say, not backing down, not being afraid of rejection, running a 5k, maybe even skydiving! Now I think I’m strong enough and ready to break to just do it.

Just remember that the possibilities are endless and it’s amazing what one can accomplish when your willing to get out of your comfort zone and face things that make you feel awkward and uncomfortable.



3 thoughts on “Ditching Your Comfort Zone Once And For All.

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